Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Safe Campus Act" opponent says college men can protect themselves from false rape claims by helping women fight rape

Elura Nanos, who opposes the Safe Campus Act, has penned a jaw-dropping piece that might just be the Magna Carta of college rape idiocy. I won't dignify it by dissecting it word-by-word, but here's one of Nanos's brilliant insights: young men can protect themselves from false rape claims by . . . wait for it . . . speaking out against predatory behavior.

No, I'm not making that up.

Nanos seems blithely unaware that her inane suggestion is a classic non sequitur, that forcing innocent students to alter their behavior to avoid being victimized is called "victim blaming" when the genders are reversed, and that her epiphany has precisely zero chance of being effective.

We live in a world where almost half of all college women think that when a woman gives a guy a "nod in agreement," that isn't enough for consent. Forcing innocent men to speak out against predatory behavior isn't going to keep them safe from women who don't know rape from consensual sex, much less the liars.

It is comical that Nanos and her ilk apparently think that fraternities are dastardly because they want police--who can lodge rape charges against their members that send them to prison for many years--to investigate rape claims. That's because college sex tribunals are run by people like Nanos who think that "schools don't need to follow the rules of evidence and due process when they decide to throw students out." Innocent men would rather risk a criminal charge with fair processes than have their fates left to people who don't think young men accused of rape are worthy of being treated fairly.

The lunacy, and the witch hunt, continue.