Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Women's Studies Prof Declares School's Logo of Iconic Campus Tower Too 'Phallic'

The New York Post claims it has learned that Karen Gould, first woman president of Brooklyn College, bowed to pressure a few years ago to get a new logo for the school because its old logo, a silhouette of an iconic campus clock tower (left), looked too much like a penis. Gould came up with $107,000 from an undisclosed source to fund the creation of a new school logo.

The Post has obtained an email sent internally at the school by a Professor named Barbara Winslow indicating that Winslow wanted to make "a Women’s Studies banner," and was anxious to use -- and these are her words -- a "not-so-phallic logo.”

It is not certain how the Post determined that President Gould bowed to the anti-penis brigade in deciding to scrap the old logo, but Prof. Winslow's cringe-worthy comment reminds me of the infamous Snow Penis controversy at Harvard a few ago.

I, personally, would not want anyone who is capable of such lunacy to have the authority to give my son a grade. Would you?