Thursday, June 13, 2013

Woman spared jail time after her false rape claim has man arrested

A STROOD woman, who wasted more than 250 hours of police time when she falsely claimed she had been raped, has been ordered to pay £500 in compensation to Kent Police.

Stacey Wallace, 26, of Humber Crescent, was given a two year suspended jail sentence at Medway Magistrates' Court yesterday after falsely claiming she was raped by a man as she walked home from a Chatham nightclub in the early hours of Saturday, 20 October, last year.

Detective constable, Catherine Holmes, said: "Rape is an incredibly serious offence and police will always investigate reports thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned in the process to bring justice to the victims of this appalling crime. When someone falsely claims to have been raped it not only wastes a huge amount of police time but also ruin people's lives.

"Wallace's lies have led to the arrest of an innocent man who had to undergo extensive questioning and after which intimate forensic samples were taken from him. Her claims resulted in over 250 hours of police time being wasted, resources which could have been used helping victims of crime."

She told police four men had followed her over Rochester Bridge and that one of the men had raped her by the bridge.
The man under arrest said that the sex was consensual and that he even gave Wallace his business card, the card was later found in Wallace's pocket.

CCTV images also showed Wallace and the man walking with their arms around each other and further enquiries examined mobile texts revealing her allegation was false.