Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jealous lover 'ordered his girlfriend to make false rape claim'

A JEALOUS boyfriend told his girlfriend to make up a rape allegation against the man she had been unfaithful with, a court heard.

The claim led to alleged victim Zabir Khan being arrested on suspicion of rape, interviewed and locked up in a police cell. He also had intimate swabs taken.

The claim was made by 23-year-old Husen Patel’s girlfriend, Jade Leech, after Patel punched her in the face when he found out she had been unfaithful with Mr Khan, her cousin’s boyfriend, Bolton Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Mark Savill said the case involved two couples, Mr Khan and Natalie Joint and the defendant and Ms Leech.

He said: “It would seem these were rather loose relationships, as sexual relations and infidelity took place with Mr Khan and Ms Leech.

“Patel discovered Ms Leech had been having sexual intercourse with Mr Khan.

“As a result, the prosecution say Patel became angry and sought revenge on Mr Khan.

“The means by which he sought revenge were a wholly unjustifiable course of action.”

The jury of six men and six women heard that when Patel assaulted Ms Leech when he discovered the affair.

He then called Ms Joint and told her he intended to get Ms Leech to make false rape claims against Mr Khan.

Miss Joint warned Mr Khan, who then called the police after receiving threatening text messages from the defendant.

But Khan was arrested on suspicion of rape on August 27, 2011.

It is claimed Patel, of Mancroft Avenue, Daubhill, told Miss Joint he was using Miss Leech to get Mr Khan in trouble.

Four months after being interviewed by police, Ms Leech, aged 21, from Blackrod, confessed to police she had made up the allegation.

She has pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and is due to be sentenced at a later date.

Mr Khan, giving evidence, said: “I felt absolutely distraught by the fact police came to my house accusing me of rape and assault.

“The embarrassment it has brought upon me and my family — I was really depressed, I lost my confidence and I don’t have the confidence I used to when talking to girls because I am scared someone may do something like this again.”

Patel denies perverting the course of justice.

The case continues.