Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Notorious false rape accuser faces unrelated fraud charges

Sara Ylen is back in the news -- again. Here's a follow-up to our stories herehere and here.

DETROIT — A Michigan woman whose alleged trail of lies led to the release of a man convicted of raping her was charged Monday with fraud after investigators said she tricked an insurance company and sympathetic supporters into believing she had cancer.

It was Sara Ylen’s second criminal case in just a few days. The 38-year-old Lexington resident also is charged with filing a false report of rape in September.

Besides those cases, Ylen was involved in the prosecution of James Grissom, who was convicted of raping her in a parking lot, despite no physical evidence. A judge threw out the conviction after authorities learned she had made up sexual-assault allegations in California, information that wasn’t available to the defense at the 2003 trial.

Grissom, now 55, was released from prison in November after nearly 10 years.

“She’s getting what she deserves,” Grissom said when told about the new charges.

He said he still can’t find a job or a permanent place to live and is considering a move to Tennessee.

“She’s ruined my life,” Grissom said.

Ylen appeared in a Sanilac County court Monday. She was charged with six crimes, all related to her claim of cancer, said chief assistant prosecutor Brenda Sanford.