Monday, April 1, 2013

Delhi Police Special Commissioner: people 'often' lie about rape


Delhi Police Special Commissioner Sudhir Yadav has revealed that not all rape complaints received by them are genuine.

Yadav said they often find people reporting false cases of rape. When approached, these complainants admit to have exaggerated the matter to seek attention, following which they withdraw the case, reports Gulf News.

The officer also said that only about 10 percent of the calls made to the helpline number- meant for women in distress - are genuine distress calls.

Yadav, who now supervises complaints directly at senior level in the capital, said women often call to complain about trivial matters such as parking issues, losing wallets, and the like. He said even men call up - just to make sure the number actually works.

People need to understand that such helpline numbers should otherwise be left free, so that a person genuinely in distress can use it in an emergency, Yadav said.

He further said that the priority of the Delhi Police is to make sure that the concerned agencies develop and maintain the required infrastructure, which includes proper lighting and CCTV cameras at strategic locations.

Delhi Police have gradually also been increasing police presence and visibility in certain vulnerable areas. He said the number of Police Control Room vans is being increased - from 620 the number will soon rise to 1,000. In addition, more women are being recruited, he said.