Monday, March 4, 2013

YWCA executive: The Jordan Johnson trial was 'grueling' for the accuser. And what about the accused?

Cindy Weese, YWCA Missoula, Montana executive director, said the following before the verdict in the Jordan Johnson case: “No matter the verdict, this process has a chilling effect on women who have been victimized and are considering coming forward. This had to be grueling for the woman involved and for all women who watched her being scrutinized as the trial unfolded.” See here.

And what about the accused, Ms. Weese?  Wasn't this a lot more grueling for him?

He faced up to 100 years in prison. He had been booted from the football team of a major university where he was the star quarterback. He will go through life as a possible rapist because his name was splashed all over the newspapers and the internet.

The accuser, on the other hand, faced no consequences as a result of this criminal proceeding, and she retains her anonymity.

An alternate juror who sat through the trial didn't seem to buy the accuser's story: "The lack of evidence was troubling. The alleged victim's mixed messages and comments to friends cast doubt on allegations. The alleged victim even questioned events of the evening and there was no evidence that Jordan Johnson knew that he had sex without consent."

Comments like Ms. Weese's seem to rule out the possibility that a young man accused of rape might just be innocent -- even in the face of significant evidence -- and that is despicable.