Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Imagine if the genders were reversed . . .

Elizabeth "Leigh" Garner, 42, A former NFL cheerleader followed a 12-year-old boy into the bathroom of his parent's house during a party and fondled his penis and tried to pull down his pants. She asked if he'd "ever been with a woman," and he bolted and told his mom.

The New York Daily News ran the story, and the reader comments under the story are disturbing. Imagine if the genders were reversed:

Kid…someday you're going to regret telling your mother.

My goodness, women are becoming more and more rambunctious these days.

I'll say the same thing when I see these female teachers sleeping with their students.... Damn where was she when I was 12!!! LMAO

Why do I always get stuck going to the house parties where the biggest draw is the 3 - bean salad? Dang.

ha ha ha... can't fix stupid.

This 12 year old better be Ron Jeremy or he just missed the chance of a lifetime.

wow, if that happened to me when I was 12, I would have though I had hit the jackpot.