Friday, January 25, 2013

Woman makes up story of assault, carjacking, and threatened rape so her boyfriend would not find out she was playing video poker

Reported here and here:

A woman who was accused in September of filing a false police report has been convicted and sentenced for her wrongdoing -- but no jail time.

Early on Sept. 7, Dora Lina Tovar, 32, called police to report an assault and carjacking. Tovar told responding officers that a man walked in front of her car at a stop sign near Northwest 113th Avenue and Cornell Road, got in on the passenger side, assaulted her, attempted to sexually assault her, and said he was going to rape her. Tovar said she began driving, then pulled over, grabbed the keys from the ignition and ran home to call police. When detectives began checking her story, they discovered she was not at the places she claimed she was at before the reported incident. Investigators obtained video that showed Tovar playing video poker at the time she said she was assaulted in her vehicle, Rowe said. Tovar then told authorities she filed a false report so her boyfriend would not find out she had played video poker.

On Jan. 4, Tovar pleaded guilty to one count of initiating a false report.

Tovar was sentenced to one year of probation and must pay $157.50 in restitution, $400 in attorney's fees, plus fines and fees. Tovar is not to gamble during her probation, was recommended for alcohol abuse treatment and is required to provide truthful information to her probation officer.