Thursday, January 17, 2013

Woman jailed for crying rape to cover up cheating on her husband: an example of what can happen even when a false accuser doesn't name a specific male

There is a dangerous meme circulating in some circles that most women who falsely cry "rape" cause no harm because they don't target a specific male. We have provided innumerable examples of what can happen even when a false rape accusation doesn't name a specific male. Once unleashed, a rape lie takes on a life of its own, and, short of recanting, the liar often has great difficulty controlling it. These sorts of lies often end up harming the innocent.

Here is another, terrible case that gives credence to this view. The false accuser, Gaynor Cooke, 41, claimed she had been subjected to a horrific ordeal in the front seat of a taxi cab in 2003. She reported the incident to police at the time. She was also swabbed for DNA evidence. In an 18-page statement, she said the rape had made her depressed and suicidal.

Cooke's report was a lie to cover up her consensual tryst from her husband.

It took the police eight years but they finally got their man: they found a DNA match after the hapless, innocent taxi driver was arrested for an unrelated incident. The taxi driver was charged and was due to face trial. He was suspended from his job.

What did Cooke do? She threw her former lover under the bus, so to speak. She said she was "pleased" a suspect had been identified and that she could finally could have "justice."  The poor driver denied the charge, claiming that he had only had consensual sex with women in his home when he was a single man in 2003.

Cooke kept up her lie when she was visited by a policewoman, saying she intended to proceed with her complaint and had nothing to add to her original statements.

But the lie was eventually exposed when police went to speak to Cooke about the case and a couple in the St Ann's area of Nottingham told them the rape had been a lie to cover up her cheating on her husband.

When police told Cooke about the couple's allegation, she admitted "you have got me." She confessed that she had a one-night stand with the cab driver and made the false allegation when she realized her husband was angry when she returned home.

What might have happened if that couple hadn't tipped off the police?

After the lie was exposed, the taxi driver was "completely exonerated" and instead Cooke was charged with perverting the course of justice between October 25, 2003, and January 20, 2012. She wiped away tears as Recorder Shaun Smith QC sent her to prison for two years after she admitted the offence.He read to her extracts from statements she had given about her "ordeal." In these she had claimed: "Since I was raped in 2003, I feel my life has been changed for ever. I'm depressed after what happened to me and often feel suicidal."

The judge told her: "It's a complete pack of lies. It may only have been for a short period of time, but you have destroyed an innocent life."

The court heard the taxi driver had been suspended from work as a result of the charge. The stress of the court proceedings had taken a toll on his health and he had been unable to return to work. "It was a humiliating experience for him," said Prosector Grace Hale.