Friday, January 18, 2013

Second-time false accuser puts innocent man on trial for rape, cracks and tells the truth on cross-examination

Here's a case out of Trinidad, but it's chilling. A woman who is not being named by the press admitted in court that she had falsely accused a man of rape to protect her boyfriend. 

The victim of the lie -- we will not name him -- was on trial for allegedly raping the woman when she was 13-years-old back in 2005. As a result of her testimony, Justice Carla Browne-Antoine, directed the jury of nine men to return a not-guilty verdict in favor of the wrongly accused man.

The accuser testified that on the day of the alleged rape, she left her family's house and met the man she falsely accused and another man she identified by name. She testified that the man took her to a house and that she spent the night there. She testified that when she returned to the house four days later, the man held her down while she was assaulted by the falsely accused man.

However, under cross-examination by defence attorney Kevin Ratiram yesterday, the woman admitted that the other man was her boyfriend, and that they had sexual intercourse.

Wait. There's more. The woman also admitted to making a false report to police last year that she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted in a separate incident, which resulted in her being charged, and pleading guilty to wasteful employment of police time.

The wrongly accused man  told the court he would be going to church to give thanks.