Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Prostitutes filed false rape reports in Royal Oak Township, police say

Police say two women who claimed they were raped and robbed at gunpoint in their home turned out to be prostitutes who filed a false police report. Oakland County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chad Allan said police believe a man paid to have sex with the two women, but there is no way to determine whether the man afterward robbed the two women Dec. 8 as they had claimed.

Police said a follow-up investigation showed the home -- where the two women lived with six children, a senior citizen and two other women -- was a house of prostitution.

The two women eventually confessed, police said. They and others were working as prostitutes at the house in the 20800 block of Glen Lodge, Allan said.

“One of them explained they were operating as prostitutes and advertising on a website,” he said. “They had been posting sex ads online at The johns would call and they would talk the johns to the address where they were.”

Police got a warrant to search the house three days after the women made their report and seized computers, cellular phones and records and made arrests at the house.

The two women – Linda Horn, 24, and Angelica Marie Martinez-Luckett, 24 – were ticketed for misdemeanor violations of engaging in prostitution and filing a false police report. 

A third woman at the house, Latoya Anette Murry, 29, was ticketed for maintaining house of prostitution. A fourth woman was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

All the suspects are scheduled to appear Jan. 15 in Oak Park 45B District Court for hearings on the charges.

Allan said he identified a suspect in the possible robbery and had him under surveillance. The surveillance was dropped after the women confessed to filing false reports.

“We did a photo lineup of the suspect and the women were unable to identify him,” Allan said.

Horn and Martinez-Luckett initially reported they were returning home from an errand about 5 a.m. when a gunman emerged from the side of the house, forced them inside, raped them and stole various items, police said.