Thursday, January 24, 2013

'Sexual assault allegations against Crabtree not holding up'

Micah Warren, in, writes:

We mentioned previously that San Francisco 49ers WR Michael Crabtree was being investigated for a sexual assault that allegedly took place after the team’s win over the Green Bay Packers a week and a half ago. He was cooperating fully with police and was allowed to play in the NFC Championship game on Sunday. And after seeing some more details, he should have been allowed to play, as it seems that this woman’s accusations are not holding up under investigation.

A law enforcement source tells the San Francisco Chronicle that the woman who has lobbed this allegation was one of three women in the hotel room that night. The other two say that there was no assault, and there is no physical evidence that an attack occurred.

And while all of the details have not come out yet, it looks like these allegations are starting to look rotten. I’m not sure what the charges are for filing false rape claims, but they should be equal to the punishment that a rapist faces. If this woman is making this up, she should be thrown away in jail for years. This isn’t a joke.

Rape is a little different than other crimes in terms of just how heinous it is. And for whatever reason, the public is more likely to jump onto the “you’re guilty” bandwagon right away at the mere allegations. Ask those Duke lacrosse players.

We hope for everyone involved that nothing bad actually happened in that hotel room. And if it didn’t, this woman – at the very least – should be outed for the liar and fraud that that she is.