Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Woman charged with false report of crime

As reported at ocala.com

A woman who reported being raped during the summer was arrested Monday and charged with false report of a crime. She also may be billed approximately $2,200 for costs associated with the investigation.

Olina Matchett, 36, of Salt Springs, told Ocala Police Department Detective Jorge Fernandez in June that she had stopped her vehicle at a four-way stop sign at Northeast 28th Street when a man got in through the back passenger door. She said the man made his way to the front and eventually raped her.

During his investigation, Fernandez interviewed a man Matchett reportedly had been intimate with and recovered DNA from him. The man told the detective he and Matchett had consensual sex. He said Matchett had given some pills to a man to sell and that after that man was unable to sell the drugs, so he and Matchett went to the man’s house, where she smoked crack cocaine. He said Matchett offered to have sex with him in exchange for drugs, and he agreed to do so.

Fernandez interviewed the man who reportedly tried to sell the pills for Matchett and also a woman who knew Matchett. The man said he did not witness any rape. The woman said Matchett told her she was never raped.

After being confronted Monday with the inconsistences, Matchett maintained she was raped.

She was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. She later was released on $1,000 bond.