Monday, December 10, 2012

Woman Charged For False Report About Sexual Assault Near University of Memphis

So it appears that there are two parts to this story, combined into one. The first 3 sentences are about the false report. The rest is the story originally reported as an assault. While not surprising, the difference between the amount of space on the original report, compared to the information that it was false, is astounding.

Nineteen year-old Anne Campbell has been charged with filing a false report.

Campbell told police she was walking in the 3600 block of Mynders on December 3, 2012 around 7:30 p.m., when she was assaulted by a male.

The false report triggered a campus alert by University of Memphis Police. The University of Memphis has alerted its students to an incident Monday night, where a woman was sexually assaulted by a man with a knife.

The victim apparently reported it to police more than 24 hours later, on Tuesday night.

A “Tiger text” and University of Memphis email alert was sent to students shortly thereafter.

The assault happened in the 3600 block of Mynders Avenue, sometime between 7:30 and 8:20 Monday night.

Some students are wary, considering they’ll be keeping later hours as they study for approaching final exams.

Students living on Mynders said they still feel safe, but that they have heard about numerous crimes in the several blocks around their house.

“It almost seems like we’ve been targeted. College students down here are always getting robbed at the intersections; we know sexual assaults have been going on,” said John Kelsay, a sophomore.

Kelsay’s friend was once robbed twice in one week.

Doris Banks, who walks down Mynders once a week for a paralegal studies class, said she had just heard about the assault.

“Normally I feel pretty safe, but now that I know the attack happened just two days ago, makes me very frightened,” Banks said.

While she said more security should patrol the area, Kelsay said he hoped the city would install better lighting.

“I catch myself all the time looking back, because I feel like I’m being followed,” Kelsay said.
The following is the email sent by the University of Memphis to students:

Personal Safety Alert from the University Police

A sexual assault was reported to police tonight.  Information received was that the assault occurred yesterday/Monday, 12/3/12, between 7:30 PM and 8:20 PM, off campus in the 3600 block of Mynders Avenue.

The person responsible has been described as a white male, 19-20 years old, 5’8”, 180 lbs., medium build, medium length brown hair, clean shaven, and was wearing a pink and white shirt and blue jeans.  He was armed with a knife.

The University Police are assisting the Memphis Police with the investigation and will focus patrols in the area.  You are encouraged to exercise caution when out after dark, especially if alone, and to be aware of your surroundings.  Safety escorts are available by contacting the Tiger Escort Program at 901-678-4663, or Police Services at 901-678-4357.

If you notice any suspicious activity, please contact the police immediately.  If you have any information related to this incident, please notify the Memphis Police or the University Police.