Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rape accuser says someone was 'screwing up her words'

Police have determined a rape allegation involving a 39-year-old man is unfounded.

The Norwalk Police Department received the report of a suspected sexual assault at 10:22 p.m. Sunday. The alleged victim was a 13-year-old Norwalk girl and police said the girl's family knows the family of the accused man.

"She alleged she was raped (Sunday). ... This information came to other people and it finally got to us," Capt. Mike Conney said.

"Everyone involved was interviewed and based (what they said) in the interviews, it couldn't have happened," he said.

Conney said the girl recanted her story and denied the man inappropriately touched her.

"She blamed it on someone screwing up her words," he said.

Police forwarded the case to the detective bureau for follow-up.

"Based on what they have so far, no charges will be filed," Conney said. "It was classified as unfounded."