Friday, November 30, 2012

Woman with track record for crying rape falsely accuses ex-step-father, has him dragged from his home at 2 a.m. and subjected to terrifying arrest

Jodie Simpson, a 22-year-old woman is going to jail for 21 months after she falsely accused her former step-father of raping her twice even though she had not seen him in years. We are not naming the former step-father here.

Simpson has a penchant for crying rape. In December, 2009, she made allegations of rape about multiple alleged offenders and locations.

Then in January, 2010, Simpson told the police her former step-father had abducted her and, with four other men and a women, subjected her to a horrific gang rape.

As if that wasn't sufficiently far-fetched, days later she again called the police, this time claiming her former step-father had gang raped her for a second time, this time with three other men.

With her track record for crying rape, and in the face of far-fetched claims about her step-father, according to the news report, "[police] officers had early doubts about her stories . . . ." 

So what did they do?  They swooped into the ex-stepfather's home at 2 a.m. and arrested him in front of his new wife. They hauled him off to jail, where he spent the next terrifying 14 hours in custody. He was strip-searched and intimately examined. Meanwhile, his computer -- containing his recent wedding photos -- and his phones were seized.  Police contacted his employer to check out his alibi. When the innocent man was finally released on bail, he was in tears.

How was this allowed to happen on nothing more than the bald allegations of a woman with Simpson's track record?  In the face of even ridiculous rape claims, the policy seems to be arrest-and-subject-to-a-terrifying-ordeal-first, THEN investigate.

In all, seventeen police officers were involved in an investigation that spanned 264 wasted hours. Add to that 62 hours of support staff time, and the cost came to £17,000 to the local police force.

At her sentencing hearing, the judge properly condemned her as "wholly malicious." 

For his part, the former step-father has installed video cameras at his home to monitor his own whereabouts in case it ever happens to him again. He also keeps all receipts to maintain a record of where he has been.