Monday, November 5, 2012

Where is the outrage over politicians who malign opponents for not bringing rape charges where there is insufficient evidence of rape?

When a politician suggests that a child conceived in a terrible rape is, nevertheless, a gift from God, it is a national story, and the politician is widely attacked by the left, even by the president of the United States.

So where is the outrage when a politician claims that a district attorney didn't properly perform his job simply because he refused to prosecute a rape claim when there is insufficient evidence that a rape occurred? Why isn't that a source of concern to persons who claim that rape shouldn't be politicized?

In Macon, Georgia, the race for District Attorney of the Macon Judicial Circuit has been politicized to the point that one candidate, David Cooke, is inappropriately claiming in ads that incumbent Greg Winters improperly dismissed rape cases. According to the WMAZ-TV, "Cooke is running advertisements that claim Winters dismissed all eight of the rape cases he's handled as prosecutor."

13WMAZ says it has looked at those eight cases. "The files show that Winters did dismiss those rape charges but each appears to have been dismissed for legitimate reasons. Those reasons include insufficient evidence, witnesses giving different statements, and in one case, a video that didn't support the alleged victims accusation.  In another rape case, the alleged victim and her mother asked for the case to be dismissed. In addition, one statutory rape case was dismissed in Superior Court because it was already handled in State Court."
Winters said this: "When you're told by law enforcement either, one they arrested the wrong person, or two, the rape didn't happen, you know, the number one job of a prosecutor is to seek justice and for me to continue on with the prosecution when, one you either have the wrong person, or two what the person is charged with didn't happen, I think it obviously would be improper."

Of course it would be improper, Mr. Winters. The accusation against you is outrageous, and the absence of any outcry beyond Macon is not just heinous, but telling.