Thursday, September 27, 2012

Allegation of sexual assault on TJC campus proved false

I'm still trying to figure out how, without an investigation, they can determine a threat to safety has arisen. Wouldn't the investigation actually show that? Or, in this case, show that there was no threat? So a needlessly inflammatory notification was sent out, when it wasn't warranted. The other item that isn't clear from the article is this: was a notification sent out that the allegation was false?

The report of an alleged sexual assault on the Tyler Junior College campus over the weekend has proved to be inaccurate and unfounded, TJC officials said today. 

 New federal guidelines require campus police to send out emergency notifications first and investigate later whenever a potential threat to safety arises. Therefore, TJC immediately released a campuswide alert through its emergency notification system Sunday evening, even as facts were still being gathered.

Further investigation by TJC Campus Police revealed the allegation of a sexual assault to be unfounded.

Following a thorough review of evidence acquired through additional interviews and footage from campus surveillance cameras, it was confirmed that no sexual assault occurred.

"I am proud of the professionalism of our campus police who take the safety of our students, visitors and employees very seriously," TJC President Dr. Mike Metke said. "I was pleased by both their initial response and their ability to investigate and produce a factual finding in a short period of time that there was no sexual assault on the TJC campus."

Metke added that TJC has taken every measure possible to provide for the utmost security and safety of its students and employees.

"It's been my goal to make sure TJC is the kind of college I'd want my children and eventually, my grandchildren, to attend as their first choice in higher education," he said. "I feel stronger than ever that TJC is the best choice and best value available for them and for all the people TJC serves."