Monday, August 6, 2012

Female masseuse sexually assaults boy, spa says it is waiving the fee for her services

As backward as things are in the U.S., they are even worse elsewhere.

In China, a 13-year-old boy went to a health spa with his parents, and a masseuse asked him if he wanted a massage. He said "sure."

Later, the boy's parents were shocked to see that their invoice from the spa included a charge equivalent to $31.00 for "extras."  It turns out the "extras" referred to masseuse's services for bedding the boy.

The boy's mother is not happy. "This woman robbed my son of his innocence. Who knows what he might have caught from her?"

The masseuse won't suffer any consequences because, under Chinese law, it is impossible for women to be charged with sexual assaults on men. But not to worry, justice has been served: the spa said it is waiving the charge for the "extras."