Thursday, August 30, 2012

And we're not supposed to be concerned for young men on campus when we hear a prosecutor say this?

I don't know what scares you, but the comments of Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters regarding the expulsion of Dezmine Wells from Xavier, scare me plenty:

“There is something seriously flawed with a procedure where a young man and his accuser appear before a group of people, which I would suggest probably isn’t very well trained in assessing these types of cases, and they sit there and tell their stories. No lawyers, nothing. There’s just something wrong with that."

“I have talked to people at the university. After the debacle we had with the church and with the archdiocese we set up a procedure where (the archdiocese) would come to us with any allegations of sexual assault.”

Deters said they would have sent detectives who “know what they are doing” to determine an investigation going forward.

Please underscore that the statement was made by a prosecutor, someone in the business of bringing criminals to justice -- not an ACLU attorney, not a men's rights activist. Just as all people of good will should be concerned when a woman is raped, this comment also ought to be cause for serious concern. We are allowing our government to implement latter day witch hunts against young men on American campuses to appease political interests. 

Nabbing rapists is critical; insuring that the innocent aren't nabbed with them is even more critical. If you need to ask "why" that interest is even more critical, then you aren't well schooled in our jurisprudential traditions:

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