Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You know what both rape victims and the community of the wrongly accused could use? Fewer gender ideologues

"Michael Flood, a senior sociology lecturer at the University of Wollongong who has had disagreements with . . . men’s rights activists in the past, . . . said the false rape allegation claims were a standard way men’s rights activists tried to discredit rape victims. 'It ends up disempowering victims and protecting perpetrators,' he said, adding that false rape allegations were rare and likely made as often by men as by women."  See here: http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/carnivorous-men-v-lying-bitches-in-sex-war/story-e6frfkp9-1226427879838

Mr. Flood's comments must be viewed through a prism of gender advocacy. Let us respond by acknowledging some truths that a few of our readers will not care for.

Mr. Flood almost made a good point -- almost.  But he went too far. We are well aware that some so-called "men's rights activists" are only interested in the subject of wrongful rape claims if there's a lying woman at the other end of the story. If the injury is caused by a corrupt district attorney taking advantage of a mistaken identification, that type of "activist" is not interested in the story.  We are also well aware that some so-called "men's rights activists" insist on changing the subject every time the subject of rape is brought up to talk about women who lie about rape. (Just as some extremists who advocate for women insist on changing the subject every time wrongful rape accusations are brought up to talk about rape.)

Fortunately, most of our readers are more sophisticated than that and care about injustice.

It is our experience that rape victims have no tolerance for rape liars, and that victims of false rape claims have no tolerance for rapists and feel greater affinity for rape victims after their ordeal. Go figure.

With that said, Mr. Flood has done a grave disservice to a very serious issue.  He unnecessarily trivializes the victimization and unique problems of the community of the wrongly accused, and does no favors for rape victims, when he insists on transmogrifying rape and false rape claims into an Oppression Olympics. 

We are not interested in competing in those games.

The effort to eradicate heinous sexual criminality while insuring that the innocent aren't punished with the guilty is a serious, sober, and very delicate business that does not allow for politicized hyperbole or the denigration of anyone's victimization.

Ours is the leading site on the Internet that gives voice to men and women wrongly accused of serious sex crimes, and we assure Mr. Flood that no one here disempowers victims or protects perpetrators.  The wrongdoers we mention on this site have nothing in common with rape victims, and the wrongly accused we mention have nothing in common with rapists.

Mr. Flood's other-worldly assertion that false rape allegations were "likely made as often by men as by women" is unworthy of serious response and casts the entirety of his comments in a most dubious light.

We see no purpose in dwelling on Mr. Flood's anger or in dignifying his decidedly undignified comments that try turn a very serious subject into a high school cafeteria food fight.