Monday, July 16, 2012

Cadet is cleared by post-act texting

A cadet from Valley Force Military Academy was cleared of sexual assault that allegedly occurred last February.  However, it appears that prosecutors still required him to cop a plea to a charge of harrassment.

The cadet's attorney shared the texts with the article's writer, who published them.  Notice how they still use "victim" to denote the female.

I am concerned with the four people involved with this case:

1.  First and foremost, the false accuser: She is the one who is most accountable and should be held accountable for her false accusation.

2.  The prosecutor who required a plea to harrassment:  Certainly, those texts indicate that the act was consensual.  The ethical thing to do would have been to drop the case or at least question the accuser to see if her story holds water in light of the texts.

3.  The defense attorney:  I can only hope that he was frothing at the mouth to take this to trial, and his client did not want to risk it.

4.  The cadet:  Ultimately, the cadet made the decision to plead guilty to harrassment, which I could understand if he had no more money to pay his attorney or just wanted to put this behind him.

Unfortunately, the accuser probably feels empowered by the fact that the accused now has a record.