Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kelly Peretzman adds lying about rape to her repertoire of domestic terrorism

The following story is taken from the news accounts listed below. There haven't been any convictions, and the allegations about what occurred are from police reports.

On October 28, 2011, Kelly Peretzman appeared at the house she owned with her husband Scott Pertzman in a manic state after taking "bath salts," an artificial stimulant that was banned in Pennsylvania last August. For the sake of the children, Scott did not want her there in that state, so he asked her to leave.  She became angry and threw a plate at him, striking him in the head, while calling him vulgar names. Then she grabbed a knife and violently slashed at him, injuring his arm.  
The couple's two daughters, who are 1 and 2 years old, were eating lunch in high chairs. Kelly Peretzman yanked the toddlers from their chairs -- it took several forceful yanks to free one of them -- then she tucked them under her arms and attempted to run with them. She fell, dropping both children to the floor.
Last month, Kelly Peretzman was ordered to trial for felony aggravated assault and endangering children in connection with her conduct. 
Fast forward to April 19, 2012. Kelly Peretzman showed up at her estranged husband, Scott's, home, grabbed him around the neck, and choked him. Then she punched him with a closed fist in the face.  Scott called 9-1-1, and when police officers arrived at the home, they found Scott bleeding from his nose, torso and hands. 
Kelly Peretzman was nowhere to be found, but as she drove away, her car broke down and police stopped to assist.  For reasons that are not clear, she was not then arrested for assaulting her estranged husband. Instead, she told the police officers that her husband had raped her.  She was taken to the police station to make a sworn statement. She claimed that she told officers that Scott Peretzman had pushed her onto a bed "and held a gun to the back of her head and raped her." Kelly Peretzman was taken to Lancaster General Hospital, where tests were performed to investigate the rape.
Police launched an investigation and took Scott Peretsman's statement. Despite all that occurred, police did not immediately dismiss Kelly Peretzman's rape allegation. It was only after Peretzman stopped returning police officers' calls and canceled an interview did they became suspicious. A detective eventually suspected the rape story was a lie.
On May 23, Kelly Peretzman admitted to police that she hadn't been raped.