Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Secretary of Defense creating SVU's for the Entire Military

Secretary Leon Panetta said that the Army's model of prosecuting sex offenses will become the entire military's model, and that the other services will establish Special Victim Units (SVU's).  Also, whenever a sexual assault is reported, then the offense is required to be disposed of at an O-6 level.

Secretary Panetta announced that some of the steps the military will take will "not only prosecute those involved, but more importantly send a signal that this is not a problem that we are going to ignore in the United States military.”  Isn't it interesting that sending a signal that sexual assault is not a problem that will be ignored is more important than prosecuting those who have committed rape?  Makes you wonder if the signal is intended for would-be rapists or for the sexual grievance industry to show that the military takes rape allegations seriously.

So, you might wonder where our tax dollars go when the Services create new SVU's.  Well, one of the highly qualified experts hired in 2009 for the Army's SVU program was Roger Canaff.  Read his blog and perhaps you will wonder why the Army would hire him to be one of its highly qualified experts to train its prosecutors:

Another highly qualified expert hired for the Army's SVU program is Sandra Tullius who has a particularly aggressive reputation in the Army.  You can read what the Hartford Courant wrote about her here:

Anybody wonder what kind of people the other Services will hire for their respective SVU programs?