Friday, February 3, 2012

Thug beats man over false allegation of sex assault

I don't understand why the "thug" in the headline isn't charged with attempted murder, as his comment to the police after being arrested indicates that is what he was trying to accomplish. I'm glad to see that the victim in this case hasn't been named.  Yet another -- in a long line -- of overreactions to a rape accusation that end badly for an innocent human being.


A THUG beat a drunken man in a "sustained, prolonged and repeated attack" because he falsely believed his victim had sexually assaulted a teenage girl.

After being arrested for the assault, John Brocklehurst told police he was "proud of what he had done" and asked if he had killed his victim, Derby Crown Court was told.

The man, who was asleep in bed when Brocklehurst started punching him, suffered serious injuries to his head and chest.

He was also left with a broken rib which punctured his lung following the attack at a house in Ripley in November 2010.

The court heard that the victim had been for a night out in the town and had drunk "around 10 pints" when he got to a house where some friends lived.

John Dee, prosecuting, said the man knew the occupants of the house and asked if he could stay over and fell asleep in a girl's bedroom.

Mr Dee said there was an allegation that the victim sexually assaulted the girl which "had never been any subject of any charge".

Mr Dee said: "It is the Crown's case that Mr Brocklehurst decided to exact revenge.

"His victim was subject to a violent assault to both his face and chest.

"Exactly how many blows were issued was not clear.

"During the assault the victim phoned a friend who told the police that all he could hear was him screaming on the end of the phone.

"After his arrest, when the defendant was being transferred to the police station, he (Brocklehurst) said he was proud of doing it and asked if he had killed him (the victim)."

Brocklehurst, 21, of Cowsley Road, Chaddesden, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

His previous offences including four robberies, an attempted robbery and failing to surrender to custody.

The court heard that, since the attack, the victim's marriage had collapsed and he suffers from post-concussion syndrome, which was historically called shell shock.

Jailing Brocklehurst him for 15 months, Judge Hilary Watson said: "You falsely believed this man had sexually assaulted a young woman and this enraged you.

"He was lying in bed effectively comatosed, having had something like 10 pints to drink.

"While he was lying there you set about his face and body with a vengeance.

"This was a prolonged, repeated and sustained attack."

Clive Stockwell, for Brocklehurst, said his client was remorseful about the assault.

Mr Stockwell said: "He does not begin to try and justify his behaviour and what he did that night.

"There was an allegation made (of a sexual assault) and he believed there was truth in it and took what to him was revenge."