Monday, January 9, 2012

Young couple charged with revenge false rape claim, but only the girl's fiancé is named in newspapers

A 17-year-old Oneida girl named Katalyn Fura and her 22-year-old fiancé falsely claimed she was raped by a man they identified by name in order to get back at him for “running his mouth off,” state police said.   The girl was charged with two counts of providing a false written statement, both misdemeanors, after telling a school official she was raped on a Lewis Point Road residence in late December. The girl's fiancé, Keith Drummond, 22, was also charged with providing a false written statement.

The story didn’t hold up long after state police started investigating.  The girl claimed Drummond had interrupted the rape. Drummond claimed he didn’t see the girl until after it was over. The girl’s mother also said the girl wasn’t in the area where the rape supposedly occurred the day the alleged assault occurred. Both the girl and Drummond eventually admitted to the fabrication, Dougherty said.

“There was no clear cut reason for being mad at him,” the investigator said. “They said he was running his mouth off.” 

While this site names the girl (see here) the newspapers reporting the story refused to name her. One of the papers, the Oberver-Dispatch, said it "does not identify defendants younger than 18." (See here) That's curious, because that's exactly what it did here -- it identified a defendant younger than 18 -- when the defendant was a 17-year-old male (the same age as the girl in this story) accused of rape.  (See here)  In fact, most newspapers report the names of teens under 18 who are charged with rape.