Friday, January 27, 2012

Woman falsely accuses man of rape -- because he couldn't remember her name

A woman named Christine Jordan falsely accused a man of rape because he could not recall her name. 

Last January, Jordan had met the man on a bus. The two hooked up and ended up having sex at her flat.

Five days later, Jordan saw the man at a pub, but he could not remember her name. Jordan gave him “a very evil look,” and within minutes, police came to arrest him on suspicion of rape. 

It turns out Jordan had phoned police, telling them she had been raped by the man. She claimed he followed her to her flat and forced his way in.  Police saw through her story and arrested her.

At trial, Jordan clung to her rape fairy tale, but admitted the man did not force his way into her flat.

Nicola Devas, prosecuting said: “The defendant has lied and lied and lied and she has been caught out in these lies. And even when she has been caught out in these lies she has continued to lie. She is clutching to the remnants of that initial account because she can’t bring herself to admit what she has done.”

The jury took less than two hours to unanimously find Jordan guilty of perverting the course of justice. She will be sentenced next month. 

The full story is here:

Some false rape apologists insist that women don't lie about rape. After all, why would women subject themselves to the ordeal of a rape trial? 

Do they really want to know?  Add the above case to the list: on this site we've reported on women who've made false rape claims for the following reasons:

▲The accuser’s boyfriend took too long to buy cigarettes.
▲Several women didn’t want to pay cab fares, so they accused innocent cab drivers of rape.
▲A girl wanted to get back at her teen ex-boyfriend — her rape lie not only got him convicted, but two of his friends as well.
▲A woman wanted to get back at her ex-boyfriend for breaking it off, so she falsely accused him of rape and candidly admitted: “I just wanted him to be hurt because of what he’d done.”
▲A young woman said she wanted her young ex-boyfriend “to feel extreme pain.”
▲A woman's rape lie sent a man to prison for five years because she said she was bored.
▲A woman was bent on revenge after a road rage incident.
▲A man refused to give his false accuser a beer.
▲A maid falsely accused her employer of rape because she didn’t like her workload.
▲A girl falsely accused a man of rape for throwing a flower at her.
▲A woman caused three men to be interrogated for rapes they didn’t commit because she wanted a day off from work.
▲An 18-year-year-old young man was hauled out of class, arrested, and jailed for a month on a random false rape claim by a girl he had never even met.

And I could go on and on and on. I've stopped adding on to this list because it's too depressing.