Thursday, December 22, 2011

Officers: Woman filed false rape report against husband’s friend

A Fort Myers woman is accused of filing a false rape report against her lover at the request of her husband.

Jody Mary Ryan, 18, was arrested by Fort Myers police Saturday at her home. She is facing charges of making a false report.

Officers say Ryan and her husband, Mahmoud Koush, 27, filed the report on Saturday.

Koush told officers he received a call from his wife saying a friend of his had touched her inappropriately, according to an arrest report.

Later that day officers responded to the couple’s home to assist EMS. Ryan was taken to Gulf Coast Hospital where reports said she told officers the friend raped her at a motel on Cleveland Avenue, but she was afraid to tell the whole story earlier because she did not want her husband to find out.

Officers spoke with the hotel clerk who told them Ryan did not seem to be in distress when she rented the room.

Hospital employees said Ryan made no statements about being raped. She was only concerned about being pregnant, reports said.

Officers then spoke with the man Ryan accused of rape. According to reports, he and Ryan had been having a consensual affair for about two weeks and he had given her a ring. After going to the hotel, Ryan came to his work and threw the ring at him because Koush found out about the affair, reports said.

Detectives viewed video footage which showed Ryan throwing the ring.

Ryan eventually confessed that her husband found out about the affair and told her to lie about being raped so he could get back at his friend.