Friday, December 23, 2011

Man pleads guilty to two charges in bizarre story

Judge White decided to order a pre-sentence report for an accused after hearing a story involving a false sexual assault and an alcohol filled night that ended in parties engaging in a threesome while being filmed. Timothy D. Bergstrom, 30, pleaded guilty to a charge of public mischief and failing to comply with undertaking conditions in Leduc Provincial Court.

Court heard on Aug. 18, Bergstrom attended the local RCMP detachment to lodge a complaint he was sexually assaulted by his neighbour's wife. He told police, one night, he allegedly woke up on his neighbour's couch with his pants down and his neighbour's wife performing oral sex on him. He also told police she began "grinding her pelvis on him." Despite the claim by Bergstrom, the officer did not entirely believe the claim and further questioned the accused about the incident. Court heard, after more questioning, Bergstrom's story began to change and during one questioning period, he became frustrated and stormed out. Eventually, Bergstrom admitted he was never sexually assaulted by his neighbour's wife, but was allegedly involved in a consensual threesome with his neighbour's wife and husband, while another couple filmed them. Bergstrom's lawyer told court Bergstrom consumed around 12 beers and two T3 Tylenols the night the incident occurred, and said he doesn't fully remember what exactly happened. Bergstrom was charged with public mischief and released on an undertaking, with one of the conditions being not to come in contact with any of the parties involved in the incident. On Sept. 6 around 5:30 p.m. the police learned Bergstrom got involved in an argument with his neighbour and the two ended up getting into a fight, with Bergstrom receiving several punches to the face. Bergstrom was subsequently charged with failing to comply with undertaking conditions. Judge White was hesitant to sentence Bergstrom in court due to the circumstances, the option of a jail sentence and some of the difficulties Bergstrom is facing in his personal life. A pre-sentence report will be prepared for Feb. 23 in Leduc Provincial Court.