Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christina Almanza, 17, 'pretended she was kidnapped by sex traffickers to hide her pregnancy from her parents'

While not a false rape/sexual assault case, the use of lying about being kidnapped by sex traffickers, to avoid the uncomfortable position of telling your parents you're pregnant, is abominable.

A teenager pretended she had been kidnapped by sex trafficking gang to avoid telling her parents she was pregnant.

Christina Almanza called her parents and suggested that there was also another girl being held against her will who had been killed.

An Amber Alert was issued for the 17-year-old after she called her parents and claimed she had been abducted.

In a series of text messages Almanza allegedly told her parents that she and other females were being imprisoned in a basement and that she believed one of the other females had been killed.

Her parents immediately contacted police who launched a multi agency search, including the FBI and US Marshalls, for the missing teen.

But the abduction was a hoax and police said the teen came up with the idea in an attempt to get sympathy from her family.

Local TV station Fox40 said Alamanza, who has a two year old child, may be pregnant and had been afraid to tell her family.

A family friend said she had hoped the abduction story would win her sympathy from her parents and make them less angry about the pregnancy.

Police in Suisun , California, are now considering making Alamanza foot the bill for their search.
Almanza told police that she did not expect law enforcement to get involved in the case when she sent the text messages to her parents.

After the Amber alert was issued last Friday local police, California Highway Patrol and US Marshalls became involved in the search.

Almanza was found unharmed at the house of a man she had been corresponding with on social networking sites.

She later confessed to making up the story about the abduction.

Almanza was arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report and issued a notice to appear before being released to her parents.

Two others contacted by police in the apartment where Almanza was located were detained and released after questioning, police said.