Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Baltimore's 'Sexual Offense Policy' Underscores Loopy Excesses of Far Left Gender Politics

The persons who speak out the most on sexual assault issues are, ironically, among the most extreme and irrational voices on the subject. Not surprisingly, many are allied with the "Occupy" movements. I've highlighted pertinent portions of Occupy Baltimore's "Sexual Offense Policy," which illustrates the extremism, and which would be laughable if these people weren't serious about it:

Occupy Baltimore Sexual Offense Policy

Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted commentary or physical contact. It is the victim's prerogative to classify any action as sexual harassment, and to decide whether or not the harasser be ejected from Occupy Baltimore. If the victim chooses to enforce the ejection policy, the harasser will be ordered not to return until the Safer Spaces Committee in conjunction with the Mediator’s Committee has reviewed the incident on the following day.

Instances of sexual abuse and assault will be handled according to the expressed desires of the victim. The Security and Medical teams are equipped with a list of resources, including contact information for the police, hospitals, sexual assault hotlines, and women's shelters. In these instances, #Occupy Baltimore welcomes the involvement of the Baltimore City Police and encourages victims to report crimes. We also recognize that the U.S. Justice System is flawed, especially when it comes to cases of sexual assault. If for any reason the victim feels uncomfortable with police involvement, their wishes will be respected.

Anyone reporting sexual assault, with or without police involvement, will have the support of the Occupy Baltimore community. This includes but is not limited to medical assistance, transportation, protection, investigation, mediation and conflict resolution, and emotional support and counseling.