Saturday, October 22, 2011

'24 hour truce on man-bashing'

A comment under this story Women’s studies students propose 24-hour truce, which we discussed here, says this:

"I find this 'truce' insulting to men, to my husband, to my sons, to my father. All of whom are good, caring, strong men who care for their families and their communities. It infers all men are mean, evil, violent and rapists.

"Women worry about violence and sexual assault? A healthy fear, but not when it has been raised to an irrational level by hysteria mongers. Men are far more likely to experience violence in their lifetime than women.

"I propose we they have a 24hr truce on Man Bashing; a 24hr truce on cherry picked, manipulated statistics that paint a jaundiced picture of our World; a 24hr truce on hysteria mongering for self serving purposes;a 24hr truce on denying the problems also faced by Men.

"I want a fair and good World for myself and all members of my family, regardless their gender. This type of stunt is self-promoting, divisive and unproductive."