Wednesday, October 12, 2011

False rape victim was threatened: 'Unless you pay $7,000 by 9 p.m., you will be in jail and your family will cry blood'

A follow-up to our story here. There are now three suspects accused of making a false rape claim against a Bartlett man that resulted in him being held in jail for six days.  Khaled Eleiwa surrendered to Bartlett Police on Monday and is charged with extortion, harassment, intimidation and conspiring to file a false police report.  Two sisters, Angela Poindexter and Antoinette Maria Poindexter, are also charged in the case in which Angela Poindexter claimed Maher Garada tried to assault her in his home on September 28.

According to one news account: "Police documents allege that Eleiwa called Garada on Sept. 28. Eleiwa said that unless Garada paid him $7,000 by 9 p.m., Garada would be in jail and Eleiwa would make him and his family 'cry blood,' the documents claim.  Angela Poindexter showed up at police headquarters several hours later, distraught and with her shirt torn down the front and the zipper on her pants ripped, according to police. She claimed she was at Garada's house watching a movie when he tried to assault her, police said."

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