Friday, September 16, 2011

Women Behaving Badly: Teacher statutorily rapes boy, then lies that he raped her/Man claims woman burglarized and attacked him, then cried 'rape'

Today, two news stories about women who victimized a boy and a man respectively, then cried "rape" to escape the consequences of their wrongdoing:

▲A 17-year-old Tennessee boy was twice victimized by ex-teacher Sandy Binkley: first, she statutorily raped him; then, she falsely accused him of raping her.  Binkley was given a 12-year prison sentence for statutory rape.

Binkley had cultivated a relationship with the victim, sending him sexually charged texts, discussing his sexual attractiveness with her peers, and making sexual advances toward him.

In fact, three different boys alleged having sex with Binkley, and Binkley frequently called and sent text messages to her victims.  Binkley’s attorneys, however, claim there was only one incident – a rape by the aforementioned 17-year-old victim – and that all the other allegations made by the other victims are lies intended to cover the act. 

After the incident that Binkley alleged was rape, she continued communicating with the 17-year-old victim, enticed him to her house where sexual activities took place, and told him he “owed” her one. Facebook communication confirms Binkley’s words. (“One what?” the district attorney asked during the trial. “Another rape?”) 

Judges on the state's appellate court said that Binkley likely would have continued the sexual activity with the victim if she hadn’t been arrested.  In affirming the 12-year sentence, the judges noted the severely negative impact that Binkley’s false accusations of rape had upon the victim's life.

Richard Sowards claims that one day, he came home from the store and found a strange woman in his house. She was carrying his laundry basket, which was filled with a jewelry box and some computers.

The woman ran into the backyard, then she ran back inside the home and attacked Sowards.

"I'm trying to call the police," Sowards said, but "she keeps knocking the phone out of my hand. She's trying to call somebody on her phone so we're fighting but trying to make cell phone calls." 

Then, she hit Sowards with a flower pot over the head and cut him across the leg with a broken piece of pottery. At that point, she ran outside, and Sowards grabbed her by her belt as she tried to jump over the railing.  According to Sowards, "she just takes her pants off and . . . keeps running." 

Sowards then grabbed her by the shirt, so she took off her shirt and kept running. At this point, she was practically naked,  and she started screaming "rape." 

Sowards said: "What do you do when somebody's yelling rape? . . . I kind of let her go."

The woman ran down the street practically naked.  Sheriff's deputies have an arrest warrant out for 24-year old Merlizeth Lescana, who is suspected in the incident. She is described as about 5 feet tall and 100 to 120 pounds. She has brown eyes, long black hair and tattoos on her upper shoulders.