Monday, September 5, 2011

The revised FRS is launching

In an effort to be a more potent voice for the community of the wrongly accused, FRS is redoubling its efforts to make this site a clearinghouse for all things pertinent to the topic. 

Ours is a very serious topic, and we need to treat it with equal seriousness.

Our new approach will be obvious to careful readers. Aside from telling the stories of the wrongly accused as we've always done, we will also devote our attention to topics that other sites don't have the time to deal with, often with painstaking posts.  As our audience continues to grow, we need to help raise the discourse on this subject as much as possible, to do it justice. We need to acknowledge that these are complicated issues, and that the solutions aren't simple. There is no more time for venting: there is a story out there about a gravely important issue that is not being told on other sites, and it is our mission to tell it.

One obvious difference most of our readers will notice immediately is the links on the right side of the page. The links section is a work in progress. Links are selected based on whether the material raises matters of significance about wrongful rape claims and related subjects. The inclusion of an article or site in this list does not imply blog owner agreement with the content. Readers are encouraged to submit links of significant articles or sites.