Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Suggested reading

On the right side of this site is a section called "Links: Information about false rape claims."  It is a clearinghouse of information about false rape claims. We are constantly adding to it, and we will be providing better ways of describing the content. It is the most comprehensive listing of such information available.

If you are really serious about understanding the area, and aren't just here to confirm some pre-existing belief -- or to find something to criticize -- I strongly suggest you read this article, written by Prof. Richard Klein: AN ANALYSIS OF THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF RAPE REFORM: A FRUSTRATING SEARCH FOR FUNDAMENTAL FAIRNESS

Sometimes it seems that the entire public discourse about rape revolves around rape culture and related theories taught in women's studies programs.  Missing from the discourse is a fundamental understanding about how the corpus juris, the body of law related to rape, is being transformed without consideration for the effect on the wrongly accused.

This article is written by an expert, not a professional blogger-agitator. It is a magnificent primer on the subject.  It is also a stark, depressing piece that will leave anyone truly interested in the subject shaken.