Friday, September 30, 2011

Couple tried to divert cops from burglary with rape ruse

A false rape report didn’t divert police from stopping a burglary in progress Monday morning.

Police said they received a 911 call about a rape in progress at the Tri City Plaza on High Street, about three miles outside of downtown.

They figured out, however, that the call came from 99 Main St. - a downtown address - and were en route there when they stumbled upon a burglary in progress at the Somersworth Village Market at 35 Washington St.

Sgt. Matt Duval heard an alarm coming from the store, saw the front door smashed and a man exiting the business, police said. When Duval ordered the man to stopped, he began throwing cartons of cigarettes and bath salts at him.

“A struggle ensued, during which time Sgt Duval was able to subdue and arrest the individual, identified as [Frank] Cunningham,” police said.

Police said Cunningham threw six cigarette cartons and 13 packets of bath salts at Duval.

Cunningham, 50, of 95 Main St., Apt 8, is charged with burglary, simple assault and resisting arrest.

Police said a further investigation revealed the call about the rape was a ruse meant to distract from the break-in.

Christa Pinson, 32, who lives at the same address as Cunningham, was charged with criminal liability for conduct of another.

Cunningham and Pinson live about two blocks from the Somersworth Village Market.