Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Slate's DoubleX Gabfest Hits Nail on the Head About Rape Cases

The DoubleX Gabfest (Jessica Grose, Kate Julian, and Hanna Rosin) nailed it in discussing rape. See here:  The women were discussing the civil case Jamie Leigh Jones lost against KBR and what it means for rape reporting (approximately 16:30 into the podcast).  They hit upon a lot of the topics that are typically covered, e.g., underreporting, binge drinking. We have different views on some of these matters, but the women tackled the issues thoughtfully and in good faith. They noted that the Jones and the DSK cases involved alleged victims who are problematic in terms of credibility. They noted that it's possible something happened but given the circumstances, for example, the Jones verdict seemed proper.

The most significant aspect of the discussion for the community of the wrongly accused occurs at approximately 22:50 into the podcast when one of the women noted that part of her was wishing for a "clean" rape case because it’s been so long since we’ve had one. She specifically mentioned Hofstra. (For the uninitiated, see here.)

Another woman noted that people seem to be so hungry for cases about men misbehaving, that these cases are getting blown way out of proportion -- they are turned into huge things where people are declared guilty before the trial has even started, which is really damaging.

Another woman noted that we seem to be weirdly in an era where district attorneys are jumping on rape cases. All of the recent high profile cases have been blown way out of proportion.

We agree.