Friday, August 19, 2011

In want of a free abortion, 17yo Chinese girl reports false rape

A 17-year-old girl falsely reported she was raped in order to receive a free abortion, said officials at a hospital that operates the city's only hotline offering help to girls and young women with unprotected sex and pregnancy.
The local girl called the hotline, said officials from the No. 411 Hospital of People's Liberation Army. But the girl came clean after doctors found she had been pregnant for over two months.

The girl had said the rape took place only one month prior.
"She admitted that she got pregnant after having sex with her boyfriend and forged the story for a free abortion, since she didn't dare tell the truth to her parents," said Zhu Weijie, a hospital official. "We usually offer discounted or free service to those really with financial problems or being sexually attacked."
The hospital performed the abortion at a discount.
Health officials warned teenagers about unprotected sex, especially during the two-month summer holiday.
"We are receiving 50 to 80 calls for help every day and offering about 30 abortion surgeries daily, one third more than the usual," Zhu said. "About one third of the people undergoing abortion are below 20 years old."