Friday, August 12, 2011

A follow up to our story HERE.

Since two mental health "experts" say that she really does believe she'd been raped, she isn't going to go to jail. My question for them is, if she really believes she has been raped, why exactly did she admit that she lied about being raped? That doesn't really seem to work.

She now is on 3 years probation, continued mental health counseling and has to pay back the costs of the rape kit as well as an additional $500 fine. She must also spend 180 days on house arrest and wear an ankle monitor and perform 100 hours of community service.

And if she was willing to falsely accuse someone once, how is it that she is unlikely to re-offend? Because she had (not "has") "sever anxiety issues"? This is trotting out all of the excuses that are possible to keep her from being held for a custodial sentence for falsely accusing someone of rape.

Judge Beth Meyers has assisted in painting a target on every man in Michigan that may run into Ms. St. Charles, and should be ashamed of herself.