Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Mail: 'Wicked' women jailed for accusing man of rape after he showed police pictures of their consensual threesome

Court told they lied because they had partners and felt ashamed by what they had done

By Sarah Graham

Two 'wicked' women who falsely claimed they were raped by the same man were jailed today after he showed police photos of them enjoying a threesome.

Jennifer France, 24, and friend Kelly Weston, 27, posed for saucy snaps on victim Enes Gozalan's bed after meeting him in a local pub.

A court heard they later made the false allegation because both had long-term boyfriends and were ashamed of what they had done.

Their 30-year-old victim said the incident had ruined his life and he was relieved that he kept the photos on his mobile phone.

He was arrested and kept in custody for 18 hours after the pair claimed they had been raped multiple times.

As soon as Gozalan was arrested and put in a police car he pulled out his mobile phone and told officers 'I can prove that I did not do it because I have taken pictures.'

He later told the officers: 'The photographs show the girls were having a good time. I do not understand why they would make up something so nasty.'

Prosecutor Carolyn Branford-Wood told Southampton Crown Court that Weston attended a police station two days after the alleged attack.

She said: 'Miss Weston had been out with Miss France for a meal.

'Following the meal both young women continued to socialise together and drinking.

'During the course of the evening they met two Turkish men. The four of them had been in a pub together and left together.

'Miss Weston went on to claim that she had been raped by one of these men at his home.

'The following day Miss France also informed the police that she too had been raped by the same man.

'Officers arrested Mr Gozalan and his immediate response was 'I can prove that I did not do it. I have taken pictures of the contact between us on my phone.'

'He surrendered the phone to the officer, who was able to examine the pictures.

'These show not only him engaged in sexual activity, but the two women too.'

Mr Gozalan was released on bail following his arrest on October 18 last year.

He was later informed no further action would be taken.

Weston and France were arrested in January on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

In two interviews Weston maintained that she had been raped, but in a third interview she broke down when she was shown the photographs.

Miss Branford-Wood added: 'She said she had gone to Mr Gozalan's house and had consensual sexual activity with both him and Miss France.

'In police interview Miss France said she had made up the account to cover up the fact she had had sex with someone who was not her boyfriend.'

In a statement read to the court Mr Gozalan said the incident had 'ruined' his life.

He said: 'I was shocked when I was arrested for rape. My first thought was that I was pleased I kept the photographs, which showed the girls were having a good time.
'I do not understand why the girls would make up something which is nasty.

'I have faced threats of attack following the allegations and have had sleepless nights. I hope I never see them again because they have ruined my life.'

France, of Southampton, Hants, and Weston, of Eastleigh, Hants, each admitted one count of perverting justice. They were jailed for 20 months each.

The court heard mother-of-two Weston accepted she had done wrong and feared going to jail because she wanted to look after her children.

Natalie Wood, defending France, said she had felt guilty about having sex with Mr Gozalan because she too had a boyfriend.

Judge Peter Ralls QC described their false rape claims as 'wicked.'

He added: 'The allegations you have made are of the most serious kind and were entirely false.

'Although there had been sexual activity between you and Mr Gozalan and between you together, there was no force and it was consensual.
'By supporting one another with these wicked allegations, you have aggravated matters.

'If carried through, this man was at serious risk of being imprisoned for a long period of time, perhaps 10 years, perhaps indeterminately.

'The consequences would have been catastrophic.
'Perhaps you embarked on this because you felt ashamed. You undermine public confidence in rape cases and do society a misjustice.

'Fortuitously Mr Gozalan was able to provide photographs. I dread to think what might have happened if he hadn't.'

After the case Detective Sergeant Martin Myers said: 'Hours of officers’ time were wasted which could have been used to investigate genuine reports of crime.

'The investigation process would have also caused the man being accused of committing a serious sexual offence a great deal of distress.

'We continue to encourage anyone who has been a victim of a sexual offence to report it to police.

'All reports are taken seriously and support is available throughout the investigation and trial process.'