Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Woman who lied about rape sentenced to 16 to life for murders

She was given the minimum possible, but it will be up to the parole board to determine if she stays beyond that. While I realize that it was the murders that garnered the sentence, none of it would have happened, if not for the false rape claim.

Priscilla Ramirez, was sentenced to 16 years for second-degree murder. After she told her cousein that she had been raped, he and friend of his, went to the apartment of her boyfriend, Everett Antonio Taylor. While there, Philip Perez Gonzalez Jr. (the cousin) and Michael Lee Armstrong (the friend) began roughing up Mr. Taylor. But it didn't end there. Mr. Armstrong then pulled out a gun and shot and killed Mr. Taylor, and another man, Deshawn Dante Holloway.
While there is no mention of a reason, since this was her boyfriend, I can only assume some form of argument occurred between Mr. Taylor and Ms. Ramirez.