Thursday, July 28, 2011

Susan Brownmiller on DSK accuser: "I believe her story."

Let your comments be heard on Salon:

My comment is here:

Prejudging by gender:

". . . I believe her story."

Thank you--thank you very much--for parading your bias for all the world to see and for not even putting up the pretense of impartiality.

Your predisposition isn't a rush to judgment, it's a 60-meter sprint in record time.

It is, in fact, inane statements like that (and the two percent canard -- ever hear of that one?) that not only engender disrepute of the entire feminist movement, but that prompted me to start what is now the nation's leading site dedicated to giving voice to persons falsely accused of rape, False Rape Society.

Personally, I do NOT know whether DSK is guilty, or if Nafissatou Diallo was actually raped. But, you see, I refuse to label her claim a lie because, unlike Ms. Brownmiller, I don't prejudge people by gender.