Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Please add your comment to Roy Black's article at Salon


Here is my comment:

My Web site, False Rape Society, is dedicated to giving voice to the community of the falsely accused, and I find many of the comments here -- which seem to insist that men and boys falsely accused of rape arent't even worthy of discussion -- to be morally grotesque.

We have the utmost respect for our sisters who have been raped, many of whom have told us they share our loathing of false accusations. We believe that rape is a problem; we also believe that false rape claims are a problem. It isn't "either/or." Mr. Black's article happens to be about false rape claims, but I suppose one article about the falsely accused is one article too many.

On my site in the recent past, we've reported on women who've made false rape claims for the following reasons: the accuser’s boyfriend took too long to buy cigarettes; several women didn’t want to pay cab fares, so they accused innocent cab drivers of rape; a girl wanted to get back at her teen ex-boyfriend — her rape lie not only got him convicted, but two of his friends as well; a woman wanted to get back at her ex-boyfriend for breaking it off, so she falsely accused him of rape and candidly admitted: “I just wanted him to be hurt because of what he’d done”; a young woman said she wanted her young ex-boyfriend “to feel extreme pain”; a woman sent a man to prison for five years because she said she was bored; a woman was bent on revenge after a road rage incident; a man refused to give his false accuser a beer; a maid falsely accused her employer of rape because she didn’t like her workload; a girl falsely accused a man of rape for throwing a flower at her; a woman caused three men to be interrogated for rapes they didn’t commit because she wanted a day off from work; and an 18-year-year-old young man was hauled out of class, arrested, and jailed for a month on a random false rape claim by a girl he had never even met.

What's the harm to men falsely accused who aren't convicted? It ranges, but at the very least, most are forever tainted by the accusation. Some extreme examples are unspeakably awful:

There was the woman who lied to her cousin that her boyfriend had raped and beat her. She asked the cousin to shoot him in the penis "so he don't use it no more." In the end, the boyfriend and his friend were shot to death.

Then there was the case of six young men who beat a man with a claw hammer at a false accuser's request while the false accuser sat in a van outside.

A girl lied to a 17-year-old boy that another youth raped her. The boy confronted the youth, and during a confrontation, the youth's father accidentally shot the boy dead.

A 15-year-old girl falsely told her boyfriend that an 18-year-old man raped her. The girl, the boyfriend, and another man drove to the innocent youth’s apartment, and one of the men shot him through a peep hole.

Two teenage girls lied to a 19-year-old man that another 19-year-old had raped one of them, so the first man broke into the accused man's home and beat him to death with a baseball bat while he was sleeping.

A 47-year-old prominent businessman suffered devastating brain injuries in a vicious attack after a woman's brother was wrongly convinced the man had raped his sister, so the brother thrashed him. So terrible was the man's beating, he had to “learn everything again.”

A man came home unexpectedly from a trip when he found his wife and her lover together. To cover up her affair, the wife falsely told her husband she had been raped. The husband killed the wife's lover.

And we could go on and on. But, you see, the falsely accused don't deserve ANY advocacy on their behalf. In the minds of some, they aren't worth discussing.