Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Brunswick woman arrested after fabricating assault story

QUEBEC - A New Brunswick woman was to appear in court in Quebec City Tuesday after being accused of fabricating a sex assault story.

Monday police arrested the 21-year-old who had told them she was sexually assaulted by two men at a Highway 20 rest stop east of Quebec City on June 21.

The Surete du Quebec launched a lengthy investigation that was later dropped.

``For some time now, details in the investigation and her testimony made us question the veracity of her complaint. Now it's clear that she made us undertake an investigation into false allegations of sexual assault,'' said SQ spokesman Richard Gagne.

SQ investigators worked for weeks to find the perpetrators of this alleged crime that had come as a shock to the population.

They met with the woman for one last interrogation on Monday afternoon before they arrested her.