Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching up: College Men at Risk

I have just returned from Salem, Massachusetts where I've been studying the witch trials. I am analyzing the lessons they hold for the falsely accused and will include my summary in a piece I'm working on for our site, The Spearhead, and A Voice for Men called The New Salem: How College Boys Became the 'Witches' of the 21st Century.

It seemed only fitting that while I was drawing uncanny parallels between one of the most sinister chapters in the jurisprudence of this continent and the experience of the presumptively innocent accused of sexual assault on our modern day college campuses, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial by Harvey Silverglate called Yes Means Yes--Except on Campus. It should be required reading. (Letters in response can be sent to It’s about the Education Department trashing due process on campus in rape and sexual harassment cases.

This piece should be read in conjuction with the scholarly explanations of the Department of Education's new law -- and make no mistake, the new law is a sea change -- by the foremost authority on these issues, Hans Bader. a former attorney in the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights: here and here.

Eli Lehrer also gets it right here.

Trevor Burrus gets it right here.

Michael Barone  gets it right here.

Ah, but the Chicago Tribune has nothing but positive things to say about the new witch hunt procedures being applied to Notre Dame. See here and here. (And, no, we aren't talking about the way the school handled one particular incident. We're talking about the procedures being applied to presumptively innocent young men across the board.  Good work, Chicago Tribune.)

In case you didn't know, dirty jokes have been outlawed at Notre Dame. See here. Thanks, Obama administration.

And, off-topic, but in case anyone missed it: Cathy Young brings her usual astuteness to the Strauss-Kahn debacle: here.