Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trial date set for woman accused in adoption scams

Tracy Bess, the woman named in a series of adoption scams, was in Polk County Jail Court on Monday for a hearing on another matter: That she allegedly filed a false report of a sexual assault.

Bess, 25, will appear for a pretrial hearing on July 7. A trail date was set for August 1.

Ankeny police arrested Bess on May 11 on felony charges of suborning perjury and filing a false indictable crime to law enforcement authorities. The charges stem from an allegedly fake sexual assault report Bess made in late April under the name of Tara Snyder.

Officers seized two computers and other items believed to have been used by Bess. According to court documents police talked to several individuals or families regarding adoption scams. They spent money on travel and food and other items, hoping to adopt Bess’ baby. It turned out, police said, she was not pregnant.

No charges have been filed against Bess for her association with those trying to adopt children.

Des Moines police said earlier that charges were not likely in an adoption scam reported to them this year by a woman from Wisconsin as Bess had not asked for money.

She has been in jail since May 11. Her bond is $10,000.

Tracy Bess, who appears to be an adoption scam artist, was in court over a completely unrelated charge on Monday. For suborning perjury and filing a false indictable crime. Those are certainly differently named for the usual "filing a false report".

It appears that she filed a false report of sexual assault. Since they couldn't get her on the adoption scam, I have to wonder if this was their way around that. Considering there is a pretrial hearing, and a trial date set, they aren't holding back from going after her, as we usually see.