Thursday, June 30, 2011

Man arrested over false sexual assault claim

Isn't this an interesting occurrence? A man has been arrested for filing a false sexual assault claim, but he isn't named.

The accusation was that Louis Walsh, a music industry manager and judge on the show X-factor, groped a man in the restroom at a club during an appearance of a band Walsh manages.

The part that I am happy to see is that Mr. Walsh is planning to pursue a libel action against the accuser. Mr. Walsh's statement says it all:

"...While I obviously welcome today's confirmation from the Garda that the matter has been dropped I remain outraged that this story ran in the first place in the Sun and I have instructed my libel lawyer to vigorously pursue legal action against the paper and they will also be taking action in relation to a number of other equally serious related matters.

"I have no intention of letting this matter rest until I have received total and absolute vindication. This has been a hugely distressing time for me but I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues for their support and I am now just looking forward to getting back to work."