Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kristy L. Partyka admits false rape report

Once again, we see a serial false accuser. The fact that she was on probation for similar crime makes me hopeful that she will actually spend some time in jail. 

A Braidwood woman, who falsely claimed she was raped and kidnapped last year pleaded guilty Wednesday to disorderly conduct.

Kristy L. Partyka, 31, originally was charged in October with filing a false report. She was on probation for a similar crime in Livingston County.

She’s scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 22 in Will County Circuit Court.

Partyka told Manhattan police she was abducted and raped, according to court documents.

She actually got into a fight with her boyfriend at a Manhattan bar and didn’t return home until two days later, when she made the false report to police, according to a spokesman for the state’s attorney’s office.